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Tiny Gallery | Week of October 20 | Miss Orange

Tiny Gallery | Week of October 20 | Miss Orange

The Silver Lake Faces Project

Mr. Miss Orange | 2014

On moving to Los Angeles – “I packed bags and took a train. An Amtrak train. I knew a few people. I’ve made some friends. Slowly but surely, I’m settling. I just got a bike, so that helps. It’s like a pair of wings for someone who doesn’t have a car. I found a dresser on the side of the road the other day. My room is now… a room. And a bookshelf as well, for free. It’s really coming together nicely.”

-Lauren AKA Miss Orange-

About Lauren

Lauren is from the shores of a small city in northwestern Pennsylvania. She sold her car and packed her bags, looking for adventure and a new life in Los Angeles. She is an avid photographer and you can see her work at

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